**At this time, medical consults are only offered for those living within the state of California.

Virtual Consults

All medical consults are done virtually in the comfort of your own home! You will meet with Dr. Ari Calhoun over a secure video conferencing platform. You will have access to your plan, as well as, direct message through a secure online portal.

Initial Consultation:

Your initial consultation will consist of a detailed intake of your health goals, health history, diet, exercise routine, sleep habits, environmental exposures, and stressors. The doctor will then decide if further testing is recommended in order to attain a greater understanding of your current state of health.

Standard: 50 min - $290

Complex: 80 min - $400

Follow Up Consultations:

Follow up consultations for lab reviews are always scheduled for 40 minutes; however, the doctor will only charge for the time used.

Lab Review: 40 min - $220

Standard: 25 min -$165

Brief: 10 min - $95