Meet The Doctor:


Dr. Ari Calhoun is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner who is passionate about helping her clients achieve an optimal state of health. With a background in clinical research, she blends the wisdom of ancient medicine with the cutting-edge knowledge gained from modern science. She feels strongly that each of her patients is a unique complex being who requires an individualized comprehensive approach in order to facilitate healing. Dr. Calhoun sees her role as a guide, rather than a dictator, and enjoys working closely with the patient throughout their healing journey, providing education along the way.

Her Background

Dr. Calhoun earned her Naturopathic Medical Degree from Bastyr University, and holds degrees from Syracuse University in Exercise Science and Clinical Nutrition. Her interest in comprehensive health care developed at a young age. While she was pursuing professional athletics, Dr. Calhoun found herself juggling between multiple practitioners in efforts to optimize health and performance. Her awareness in holistic health and curiosity about a better health-care system was further established when she developed her own autoimmune disorder. She immersed herself in her studies and latest research concerning chronic disease, all of which further supported the use of time-tested natural modalities of healing.

Her Clinical Interest

Over the years, Dr. Calhoun has developed a special interest in complex chronic disease, hormone balancing and infertility, mental health disorders, gut function, and natural approaches to dermatology. Though, during her transition into motherhood, Dr. Calhoun developed a keen interest in helping support the family's health as a whole.

Family Health

When I was nineteen, I developed an autoimmune disorder. A culmination of poor genetics, poor lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures brought about a series of health struggles. Unfortunately, this is not just my story. More and more serious chronic health disorders are developing at younger and younger ages. I love treating those with complex chronic disease, but I’ve realized that we need to focus more of our efforts as physicians on being proactive rather than reactive. When I became a mother myself, this reality became even more apparent. I created Kith and Kin wellness with the intention of helping educate families on how to create an environment of health within their home and for their children. I’m passionate about helping families, just like my own, heal, grow, and thrive.