10 Day Reset (August 3rd-12th)
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Looking to take your health to the next level? The 10-day reset is an excellent option for those looking for a quick reset which yields dramatic results. Whether you are looking to heal your gut, loose weight, reduce inflammation, or reduce your toxin load, this cleanse is for you! In- fact, our doctors frequently prescribe it with these goals in mind. The 10 day reset combines a very strict anti-inflammatory diet with supplemental detox support!

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Give the Digestive System a Break

We use our digestive tract every day throughout the day. Depending on what we are consuming, how we are consuming, and when we are consuming, the food we put in our mouths can either be medicinal or poison. With the digestive tract playing such a major role in many other important aspects of our health, I find it crucial to give it periods of “rest.”

Eighty percent of the immune system is wrapped around the intestines, and any sort of infection, inflammation, or food sensitivity can trigger an immune response with consequences such as reduced immunity, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune disorders. For this reason, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I feel that the health of the digestive tract should be a primary focus in almost every patient. In addition to the connection with the immune system, the gut has prominent impacts on skin health and mental health.

During this cleanse, we will focus on consuming anti-inflammatory foods in a way that promotes optimal absorption.



In a world full of toxins, the question is no longer IF you have been exposed, but rather, what is your total body burden. From personal care products, to plastics, to car fumes, to heavy metals, to mold, etc….we are living in the midst of world more toxic than ever before seen in history. Our bodies have an incredible innate system of detoxification; however, at times- the burden is too great or the system is too overloaded. This can manifest in variety of different ways, including, but not limited to: fatigue, headaches, sleep issues, decreased mental clarity, and skin issues. Overtime, if this toxic burden remains high, it can lead to conditions, such as, autoimmune disease, cancers, neurodegenerative disease and more!

This cleanse utilizes a powder that gently supports the liver in detoxing, by supplying the essential nutrients for phase 1 and phase 2 detox. In addition, it contains powerful antioxidants that help in scavenging free-radicals, preventing oxidative damage. Throughout the cleanse, you will be given other educational tips on how to reduce your toxic exposure in day to day life and lower your overall body burden longterm!


Reduce Inflammation

Often times, “unexplained” inflammation is coming from either an unhealthy digestive tract or a high toxic burden. Therefore, by tackling the two steps already mentioned, we will be lowering inflammation. Another common cause of inflammation is poor blood sugar control. Through this cleanse, we will be strictly eliminating foods that lead to blood sugar spikes and conditions, such as, diabetes. In addition, this cleanse eliminates all well-known inflammatory food groups: including: dairy, grains, soy, corn, legumes, eggs, nuts, and nightshades.


Develop a deeper connection to your body

Too often I have patients express reactivity to foods without a clue as to what food is causing the reaction. We often eat on the go, barely chewing our food, without taking a moment to connect with the meal and the nourishment it is providing. We use food for comfort, eating to numb an emotion or cure our boredom. Through this cleanse, you will learn how to approach a meal with appreciation and excitement. You will savor the tastes and learn to eat in a way that promotes optimal digestion and absorption, limiting that post-meal bloat and gas. Your taste buds will be “re-programed” to find that a strawberry tastes like ice-cream! Through this program, you will learn how to listen to your body’s cues, knowing which foods disagree vs which foods fuel your body.


Get Results

Though I strongly feel that ANY and ALL individuals who embark on this cleanse will have an incredible experience, I have designed this program for those with the following goals in mind:

  • Preconception Preparation

  • Mold Exposure

  • Heavy Metal Exposure

  • Environmental Toxin Exposure such as: pesticides, cleaning products, car fumes, personal care products, plastic/styrofoam/aluminum

  • Weight Loss

  • Hormone Problems

  • Skin Problems

  • Digestive Problems

What it includes:

  • Whole Foods Detox using low-glycemic anti-inflammatory foods (First day is fasting from all food)

  • Physician Grade Cleanse Powder targeted at reducing gut inflammation and supporting phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification ($72 value)

  • Education on how to reduce your day to day toxic exposure with practical steps you can take each day of the cleanse.

  • Daily Journal Prompts to encourage the release of toxic thoughts, grudges, and/or feelings.

  • Exercise recommendations for each day.

  • Structured guidance on food reintroduction

  • Access to the private Facebook group for RESET members, so you can share your successes and struggles, as well as, ask the doctor questions!

  • 15% off an initial consult with Dr. Calhoun in 2019 if you wish to take your health to the next level ($44 dollar savings)

  • 15% off optional supplements that help further support detoxification (must be purchased during time of cleanse)


General Pricing: $247

Early Bird Pricing: $197 (until July 20th)